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Bakey Bakes is an Atlanta based boutique bakery run and founded by Larissa Neto, a talented baker from Portugal. Her passion for travel, her curiosity for new flavors and her experience with different cultures is reflected in all her work.
Larissa has an educational background in art which gives her a keen eye for aesthetics and plays a pivotal role in her decorating process. As a former illustrator, she uses her skillset and knowledge of media and color to elevate her delicious confections into visually stunning works of art.
And who said you can't eat art?? 
Bakey Bakes has received great praise and wide popularity in the community due to the exceptional quality of Larissa's work and the breadth of unique flavors she offers.
You can place an order here via website, by email OR you can follow Bakey Bakes  on Instagram to stay informed on local popup dates, flash sales and to keep up with all the newest edible creations!
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