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Catering Menu

All pricing is in American dollars ($ USD) and does not include tax.

Because of the custom nature of most orders, listed are the STARTING prices and do not necessarily reflect
the final price of any product. For an accurate quote please use our order form.
We do NOT offer gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free or sugar-free options.
All custom cakes start at $85 for basic flavors and $100 for specialty flavors. Smallest custom cake serves 12-14. Cake prices vary depending on size, flavor, design and complexity. Please use order form to get an accurate quote.
See cake flavors here.
See cake designs here.

Full Size: Starting at $4.50ea
(Minimum 18 per flavor)
Minis: Starting at $3 ea
(Minimum 30 per flavor)
See brownie and bar flavors here.

Full Size (3"-3.5"): Starting at $45/dozen. (Minimum 12 per flavor)
Minis (2"): Starting at $55 for two dozen. 
(Minimum 24 per flavor)
See cookie flavors here.

Starting at $70 per dozen
(Minimum 24 per flavor)
Large Korean style cylinder shape, 1/3 larger than standard American cupcakes.
See cake/cupcake flavors here.See designs and styles here.

9" Deep Dish (8-12 servings)
Starting at $50
(Available only Nov-Dec)
See pie flavors here.

Starting at $7 per serving​. Please fill out order form for more accurate quote.
See cake flavors here.
See wedding cake designs here.