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(with exception of the layer cake)

Egg Custard Cake
Portuguese Birthday Cake
Broas de Mel (Honey Cakes)
Mini Touchinho do Ceu
White Bean Pie
Chouriço Bread
Rustic dense bread stuffed with Portuguese chouriço sausage.
Toucinho do Céu
Translates to "Heavenly Bacon". Despite the name, there is no meat in this cake! It is gluten free and made using only egg yolks, ground almonds, sugar and chila pumpkin.
Carrot Tarts
Called "Queijadas de Cenoura". The texture of a cheesecake without the dairy. No flour used. So delicious!
Folar (Cinnamon, Anise Cake)
Much like our cinnamon roll in the States, this cake has many, many layers. Infused with anise.
"Deer Hooves"
Called "Pata de Veado". This is a white cake swirled torte cut into diagonal slices, coated with egg custard, coconut and cinnamon. My personal favorite in Portugal.
Sweet Potato Fritters
Called "Azevias". These fried treats are gilled with a sweet potato custard and coated in cinnamon sugar.
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