Concrete Cake w/ Fresh Florals
Buttercream Flowers + Stenciling
Stenciled Buttercream w/ Florals
Buttercream Petal Cake
Citrus Wedges
Concrete and Gold Leaf
Stenciling and Dry Florals
Gold Leaf Gradient
Swirls and Drips
Dry Florals
Dry Florals w/ Drip
Palette Knife w/ Dry Florals
Buttercream Roses and Drip
Earthy Greens
Buttercream Florals
Macrame and Dry Florals
Textured Buttercream w/ Dried Floral
Ombre Dried Floral Cake
Buttercream Succulents
Buttecream Flowers/ Naked Cake
Melted Ice Cream Cake
Buttercream Flower Cake
Pink Drip Cake
Peony Detail
Chocolate w/ Dried Florals
Dry Floral Cake
Gold and Silver Leaf Textured Cake
Buttercream Flower Cake
"Milk Bar" Style
Dry Flowers
Groom Cake
Antiqued Look w/ Buttercream Roses
Lavender Dry Flower Cake
Rose Gold Drip
Petal Cake
Floral Drip Cake
Small Pistachio Wedding Cake
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Chocolate w/ Dried Florals